Thursday, 31 March 2011

Silvery sparkle of non gold engagement rings

What does silver remind you about? No, it is not only the elegant tableware and anniversaries. Your 25th wedding anniversary would surely be a reason to celebrate and it can be cherished by presenting a silver ring. But silver would also make a perfect choice as your engagement ring metal. It is an excellent way to kick start your marriage out right with a silver engagement ring. Silver colored engagement rings can be beautifully crafted from silver, white gold or platinum. You would be offered many choices and your imagination can play well in designing the perfect engagement ring.

The best part of silver is that anything design that you have seen in gold can be crafted in silver. This can range from traditional settings to the most modern and contemporary. The design and style is entirely your choice and everything depends on what exactly you are looking for. Considering the production stand point, the type of the metal will have an effect on the appearance, durability, creation and of course the price of the final product. You must understand which ever precious metal used in jewelry are not used in their pure forms. For example gold used in the rings is a combination of gold, silver and copper each in varying degrees. Carat of gold means the amount of gold actually used in the combination.

Think about considerably cheap engagement rings and silver is the best available option as it is affordable as well as attractive. Couples who have a big budget would go for platinum engagement rings. Even though platinum is interior decorators in kanpur elegant it is heavier and quite expensive. The platinum engagement rings are finished in a matte or shine and it depends on the craftsmanship of the jeweler. White gold is yet another option for couples seeking rings in silver color. The white gold has very little amount of copper in its mixture and mainly it comprises of gold and silver. One of the drawbacks of pure gold is that it is too soft to be used for jewelry.

Couples searching for silver engagement rings are constantly confused whether to prefer silver over white gold or platinum. Appearance can be considered as a valid reason and also the cost factor. The best part of a silver engagement ring is that you can grab a ring for much less price and have the most beautiful ring for your fiancée. Moreover if you spend less on the ring band, you can make use of that money for the diamond in the ring.
If you are particular about the visual appeal, you can go for the white gold engagement ring. White gold would have a yellowish tint to it and hence it is not completely ‘silver’ in color. And if you are not on a strict budget, platinum is the metal for you. It is much denser and harder to work with. Hence the price may go up a bit. Platinum can be a fabulous choice if you don’t fancy a big stone on the ring. Or if you can afford, well, diamond and platinum would make a perfect combo on your engagement ring.

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