Monday, 28 March 2011

It is show time for Rose gold

The rose gold, yesteryears’ much loved metal has made a huge comeback this season. The metal has been first popularized almost a century ago has been making its appearance in watches, engagement rings, necklaces and more. The blush hued version of the precious metal generally looks delicate on its own and is prominently used for feminine jewelry pieces. But the rose gold can be efficiently used to connect the gap between white and yellow gold when all the three are worn together.

The rose gold has more charming appearance and is more exotic than the commonly used yellow gold but the secret behind its color difference is quite lame. It is the copper content that gives the color and makes best interior designer in kanpur it known as rose or pink gold. Usually all the gold used in jewelry pieces are combined with other metals for getting durability. The 99% gold content piece of jewelry that is the 24 carat gold is too brittle and cannot withstand wear. Hence other metals like copper are used. The amount of copper used as an alloy gives the pink tint to the gold.

In the words of Duvall O'Steen, director of jewelry promotion for the World Gold Council, even though the amount of copper added would be different, the process is all the same. Either the rose gold is really rare since it is usually made to order and moreover there is only less of it being made, she added.

The fashion has been always behind rare and unique collections and this trend has made rose gold more desirable. The price is however still comparable to white or yellow gold since copper is really cheap and jewelry made out of rose gold is priced on the weight of the gold.

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