Monday, 25 April 2011

Platinum engagement rings ensures durability and charm

If you wish to have an elegant engagement ring that would look classic as well as expensive, you must surely go for platinum engagement ring. It is purely a personal choice to pick platinum over another metal while you are considering the styles of engagement rings. The idea of purchasing such a valuable and rare metal is quite charming but expense is something that holds back couples from buying the platinum engagement rings. Yet another factor that dissuaded people is the fact that many times it is quite difficult to find the difference between platinum and white gold or sterling silver rings. Hence the high prize been paid for the platinum gets unnoticed.

Basically platinum is a metal thirty five rarer than gold which makes it so expensive, usually about twice the cost. It appears as a silvery-white luminescent metal and the scarcity makes the metal most sought after. When gold is found in many locations including United States, Australia and Brazil, most of the platinum is mined in Russia and South Africa.

During engagement ring shopping, the most important thing to consider would be the lifestyle of bride to be. The metals of the ring play a vital role in determining the lifespan of it. For many brides, it would be a great option to go for platinum engagement ring. The metal is usually used in a complete pure form and is very and dense which makes it very strong. Platinum is a metal which is hypoallergenic and   will not cause skin irritations while all other metals cannot be assured of these things as they are not used in their untainted form.

The main advantage of platinum over other metals is that it will not lose the color or tarnish due to its clarity .It is quite white in color and since used in pure form, the color remains for the lifetime. Even though the cost factor is something that holds back the couples, it is not discouraging them as such. Since platinum is very rare it makes the price of the setting to be double the cost of a similar ring made of white gold. However it is the rarity of the metal that makes it precious.

Even though platinum is durable and scratch resistant it should be taken care properly and it is wise to remove it during heavy work or using harsh chemicals. The metal is more resistance to scratches and more luminescent. The engagement rings can be cleaned using a gentle bristle brush in a mild solution of soap and warm water. If at all the ring becomes damaged you need to take it to a specialized jeweler. While going for a platinum engagement ring, it is wise to consider additional insurance to protect the investment. It is the rarity and durability of the metal that makes it perfect choice for an engagement ring which signifies the depth and uniqueness of your love. The investment that you put on the ring is to last for a lifetime hence it is worth the cash.

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